Network Word-of-Mouth Marketing

In recent years, E-hailing is emerging and growing rapidly. The whole transportation sector is undergoing drastic changes due to major taxi-hailing apps led by Didi Taxi and Uber. The asset-light strategy enables them to expand rapidly, and on the other hand, the serious safety issue is gradually exposed. In this context, UCAR is initially marketed for its “security”.

Advertiser:UCAR Inc.

Industry:Automobile Rental



UCAR entered the market taking “security” as the selling point, and launched a marketing campaign named “Beat U” which pounced the soft spot of the rival. Consequently, the topic sparked a heated discussion, and came under criticism as well. Another challenge is that UCAR hasn’t established itself in Guangzhou and Shenzhen because the rival has advantages in market share, marketing effort and price.

In this context, to promote a sustainable competitive advantage in security, to enhance brand fidelity through improved image, and to attract consumers in fierce market competition are all urgent issues to address.

After in-depth investigation and analysis of the current situation, Insight Group decided to tackle it in a creative way. Focusing on people who lay emphasis on safety when hailing a ride, Insight Group identified a special group, i.e. pregnant moms, who need to be the centers and biggest concerns of the families. They are directly related to the two-child policy, and able to evoke the emotional feelings of the public.

Thus, we designed an innovative product with strong sense of social responsibility for pregnant moms.

UCAR for Pregnant Moms

This unprecedented product can call forth public attention, and initiate pondering about social responsibility and security issues so as to achieve win-win effects. The project was proceeded in three phases, culminating in the third phase with greatest attention.

Phase 1: Introduction 

Based on hot spots including “Sister Milk Tea”(Zhang Zetian)’s pregnancy, the relationship between Fan Bingbing and Li Chen, and the newly-married Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy, UCAR’s print ads were released at the right moment, which aroused wide concern.


This round of marketing was viewed 100 million times on microblog, attracting 56 thousand comments. The post on the official microblog account received 2,280 clicks on the like button, and was forwarded 1,531 times. The search volume of the topic was 11,391 times on Baidu Index, with UCAR being searched 4,697 times.

Phase 2: Heating-up

February, 2016 - UCAR, together with RTSAC (Road Traffic Safety Association of People’s Republic of China), regulated the tailored car service industry, and launched a warm-up poster - “Attention to the Pregnant Moms’ Travel Safety”. At the same time, H5 was released to intensify publicity.


The topic ranked the fourth with a total of 22.946 million views on the daily Microblog List, attracting 6,344 comments. The post on the official microblog account was forwarded 609 times, with 3,532 clicks on the like button and 1,086 comments. The search volume of the topic reached 4,252 times on Baidu Index. The advertorial was released twenty times on new media, with over 130 thousand views. H5 was browsed 335.5 thousand times, with 147.8 thousand visitors and 134.7 thousand IP accesses. The average access time was 48 seconds.

Phase 3: Launch

March 16, 2016 - The first “Security Specifications of Tailored Car Service for the Pregnant” was issued by UCAR and RTSAC. At the same time, UCAR for Pregnant Moms, the first tailored car for the pregnant in China, was launched. A viral video about the pregnant moms formed a bond between the product and the target consumers, and retained the core users with its sincerity.

The video ranked the third with a total of 32.336 million playbacks on the daily Microblog List, attracting 24 thousand comments. The post on the official microblog account was forwarded 2,954 times, with 3,449 clicks on the like button and 1,131 comments. The search volume of the topic was up to 5, 211 times on Baidu Index. There were also record-breaking playbacks on major video sites, including 3.524 million on Tencent, 3.51 million on Miaopai, and 350 thousand on Youku. The advertorial posted on the official Wechat account was viewed over 1.2 million times.

The day this video was released, it attracted more than 7 million page views, with about 500 million playbacks within a month.