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Brand Public Relations

Since December 2013, major theme parks and hotels have been completed, with satisfactory consumer feedback. However, the integral image of Hengqin Chimelong hasn’t been formed. During the Spring Festival of 2016, Hengqin Chimelong intends to promote its integral image and become the prime destination for families by publicizing the all-inclusive experiences of cuisine, lodging and entertainment.

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Slogan:An Amazing Journey in Hengqin Chimelong

An Amazing Journey in Hengqin Chimelong


Since December 2013, Zhuhai Hengqin Chimelong Ocean Resort has been put in operation gradually. Hengqin Bay Hotel, International Circus, Ocean Kingdom, Circus Hotel, and Penguin Hotel have been open to the public one after another. A world-class Ocean Resort has basically taken shape: In Hengqin Bay Hotel, China’s largest ecological ocean hotel, guests can enjoy the spacious guest rooms and suites and varieties of exquisite cuisines. In Hengqin Chimelong International Circus with elite circus performers from all over the world, visitors can feast their eyes on the amazing and legendary performance. In Ocean Kingdom with one of the world’s largest aquariums, visitors can view rare marine animals. In Circus Hotel featuring exotic European towns, the memory of fairy tales can be refreshed. And in the unique Penguin Hotel, guests can experience the fantasy of penguin-speckled Ice Age. These theme hotels and parks have gained enormous popularity from customers since they were open. However, customers still perceive Hengqin Chimelong as separated parts. Thus, Hengqin Chimelong intends to promote the all-inclusive experiences of cuisine, lodging and entertainment by integrating all resources in the resort.

Integrated marketing of all projects

With a world-class Ocean Resort shaping up, Hengqin Chimelong is moving forward constantly and providing customers with amazing immersive experiences. For customers, they seek for a more wonderful life. Based on the customer insight and Hengqin Chimelong’s special commitment, Insight Group generalized a brand-new theme to promote the integral image.

An Amazing Journey in Hengqin Chimelong

Nowadays, cultural tourism industry is blossoming in China. The marketing strategy of tourist resort is shifting from facility-centered to consumer-centered. As a world-class Ocean Resort, Hengqin Chimelong provides all-inclusive fantastic experiences for customers. Thus, we change the previous product-oriented way of appeal, and present “an amazing journey in Hengqin Chimelong” meeting the appeals of different customer groups (youths, couples, children with their parents, and families).

Creative entertainment marketing

Firstly, we transformed the monotonous advertising words in traditional TVC into a song integrated with product information and customer experience. Meanwhile, we produced a MV - “An Amazing Journey in Hengqin Chimelong”, with an appealing theme song named “This is the life!” In such a faddish way, the all-inclusive wonderful experiences in Hengqin Chimelong was presented to the customers. They could feel the charm from the music and video, and would eventually experience it in person.


The TVC was launched on TV stations including Phoenix Satellite Television, Guangdong TV, Guangdong Pearl River TV, TVS, etc. It was also aired on the nine divisions of Chimelong Group: Chimelong Paradise, International Circus, Safari Park, Chimelong Hotel, Ocean Kingdom, Zhuhai Hengqin Chimelong International Circus, Hengqin Bay Hotel, Circus Hotel, and Penguin Hotel. Besides, it achieved a full coverage thorough video websites, Chimelong “we media” and other popular network media.

Secondly, through “fan effect” and the management company of the singer, we made full use of social media and carried out soft marketing simultaneously, aiming to maximize the effect with low cost. We observed that the many families who went travelling during the Spring Festival were fond of taking selfies and posting them. Thus, a H5 about a virtual holiday trip themed with “Pretend to Travel at Hengqin Chimelong” was produced and integrated with Chimelong’s products to enable customers to share experiences and have fun.

The campaign lasted 7 days with no promotion expenses, and attracted over 800 thousand page views. With integrated marketing, new ways of appeal, and entertainment marketing, Insight Group achieved the integration of product resources, stimulated the enthusiasm of customers, and built an integral image of Hengqin Chimelong. The key idea of “An Amazing Journey in Hengqin Chimelong” was deeply rooted among customers, which inspired them to go on a real journey.