Huawei Watch

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Huawei Watch is the first smartwatch launched by Huawei, with the functions of heart rate tracking, motion tracking and the barometer. It was released in 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

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Customer Insight:Consumers have great affection for classic watch design and fashionable wearable technology, but dislike existing products with obvious characteristics of electronics industry.

Slogan:Timeless Design·Smart Within

A Ten-Year Promise

The wristwatch industry has developed for about 150 years in modern world history. Driven by the world’s technology giants, it has become another Golden Market after the smartphone. According to the statistics from IDC, the global smartwatch shipments in 2015 approached 21.3 million, expected to reach 34.3 million in 2016. The smartwatch industry is anticipated to be in full swing. On the one hand, world’s technology giants have cultivated their star products, such as iWatch, LG, Moto360, Samsung Galaxy Gear, etc. However, the smartwatch market is still immature. It reflects in product homogeneity, “smart” or “technology”-focused appeal points, intelligent functions that is homogeneous with most wearables.

In this context, how can the upcoming Huawei Watch gain a differentiated competitive advantage and make a breakthrough?

Huawei Watch targets at senior managers at about age 35, who are well-paid, highly educated, intelligent and capable. Some of them are even technophiles. We observe that they seek for innovation and technology, and have great affection for classic design and taste as well. Thus, they are not full satisfied with superficial technology. For smartwatch, they are not only fond of classic watch design and impeccable craftsmanship, but also eager for the state-of-the-art intelligence within the smartwatch. Hence, Insight Group makes an engagement idea of Huawei Watch with engagement communication strategy:

Timeless Design·Smart Within

Designed to be both a low-profile, up-to-date decoration of one’s look, and a state-of-the-art intelligent device in one’s life. Huawei Watch reflects the target group’s pursuit for taste and intelligence, and reaches their inner world.

Based on the engagement idea, two videos targeting at operators and customers were made to promote product image and its selling points, including “Design - Timeless Design·Smart Within”, and “Lifestyle – Leading Style·Reunion after Ten Years” The promos were released in 2015 MWC, receiving active responses. The core concept of “Timeless Design·Smart Within” created an emotional bond between Huawei Watch and target customers, arousing wide attention. Hence, Huawei Watch made its grand debut in the global market.