Huawei MediaPad X1

Brand and Product Image Video

Huawei launched a new product MediaPad X1, which function between the mobile phone and tablet PC, its release has enriched the product line and beyond the boundaries of the industry's product form.


Industry:Digital product


Launch:Barcelona, Spain

Customer Insight:Customers seek for more thrilling entertainment experience with sights, sounds and feelings, yet limited standby time interrupts them.


Since the explosive growth of tablets in 2010, there have been many upgraded versions launched every year. From iPad to Android OS, and single-core to quad-core, customers have been really familiar with tablets, and taken them as a tool for daily use. This product has entered a stage of all-around popularization.

Tablets on the current market are virtually identical with minor differences. Customers perceive them as lack of portability and voice calling function. Apple and Samsung are two prestigious brands in the global tablet market, while Samsung and Asus account for 90% of the 7-inch tablet market.

How can Huawei MediaPad X1 break the cognitive barrier, re-segment the tablet market, better position itself and attract customers?


We observe that the target consumers of Huawei MediaPad X1 are heavy Internet users who cannot live without social media. They pursue more thrilling entertainment experience with sights, sounds and feelings, yet limited standby time interrupts them.

According to the customer insight, Insight Group explored the uniqueness of Huawei MediaPad X1 that can meet the consumers’ demands. To be specific, it has rich functions including portability, quick search, various entertainment options, and reverse charging. Besides, it is fitted a much larger 5000 mAh battery inside. From these, Insight Group generalized the engagement idea of Huawei MediaPad X1:


Centering on “social networkers”, the superior features of Huawei MediaPad X1 were fully displayed in a humorous way. The video was released on highly popular international websites and social platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook. It was also launched on popular domestic websites and social platforms like Youku, Microblog and WeChat, and on the official website of Huawei.

During the video’s first month on Youtube, it had a total of 617,378 playbacks, with favorable comments and feedbacks being the most among all the ads posted by Huawei. It received 413 thousand hits on Youku, and 138 thousand searches on Google. Besides, it appeared on the front page of Campaign Brief Asia, which is the top Asian creative magazine, and was reprinted by media like Shots.