Arche Age

Graphic Creation and Design

As a “sandbox” game, Arche Age enables gamers to create and explore, refreshes their perception of RPG, and leads them to limitless imagination and endless fun. The loyal gamers are all top gamers who have devoted a lot in terms of hardware, time and effort. Since the open beta test in April 2016, the retention of existing top gamers and attraction of new players has remained a major concern.


Industry:Online game



Slogan:A Fanatic Me!

Fanatic Series

We observe that top gamers have a sense of superiority and pride. The things that ordinary people can’t understand are just what top players are fanatic about. Integrated with the uniqueness of Arche Age, this KV series spoke for top gamers, which aroused wide concern and response. It not only retained the core gamers, but attracted new players.