X-GAME for Mobile

Graphic Creation and Design

May 2016, X-GAME began to limit access to the game without deleting the files. However, several rival games in the same period had come out or was upcoming. To seize market share in the fierce competition and attract the new and experienced users became urgent issues.


Industry:Mobile Games



Slogan:We are here!

As Tencent’s first Kingdoms Wars themed mobile game, X-GAME has enjoyed a good reputation among Kingdoms Wars gamers for a long time. What X-GAME needs is to make a powerful declaration-Return of the King in Kingdoms Wars! “We are here!” is a pun which not only refers to the mobile game launched by X-GAME, but implies that other Kingdoms Wars themed mobile games can back off now. It initiated Kingdoms Wars gamers’ expectation, and was even watched by players of rival games.