“Answer up Teasers”

From May 29, Fotile published three “single-word puzzles” in full-page print for three consecutive days on Beijing Times to create a buzz for its product launch, and planned to reveal the answers on June 7.


Industry:Kitchen Appliance



Stage 1

Based on the sensitivity to the competition in kitchen appliance industry and the familiarity with Fotile’s routine marketing strategy, Insight Group was sure that the three puzzles came from Fotile. At 5 p.m. on May 31, Insight Group and Vatti finalized the strategy and creation of “Answer up Teasers”, and decided to place it on a metropolitan newspaper which suddenly brought it to a halt at 9 p.m. due to its sensitivity. We immediately contacted Yangcheng Evening News which required the creation to be reviewed by management at a higher level. At 11:48 a.m. on June 1, “Answer up Teasers” was approved just before the newspapers were printed, and was released at 3 p.m. on Yangcheng Evening News.

Vatti's answering up to the teasers with its own slogans was doubted to be an information leak. In fact, this just turned out to be an accurate business forecast. Although there were three posters circulated online, “Smart cooker hood: ‘being all mouth and no trousers’” was the only one published on the newspaper, with the other two being the creative drafts? Vatti revealed the word puzzles via newspapers – “Better cooking and being with children than racking your brains in the puzzles” Vatti also initiated a Microblog topic-“Teach you a Chinese character” to promote its own product by leveraging the rival. The low-cost posters on newspapers made a stir among the public, with nearly 70,447,267 media exposure.

Stage 2

Fotile revealed its puzzles in advance on June 2, and instantly released a series of posters alluding to Vatti with “little brother”. However, we responded tactfully-“We are too busy to mind your worry”. There was a series of posters back and forth between Vatti and Fotile.

Vatti's “Teach you a Chinese character” and Fotile's “Throw you a Chinese character” became hot topics on Microblog, which aroused heated discussion among numerous Microblog stars. Instantly, “Vatti Answers up Fotile's Tearser” gained wide attention, with a total of 14,928,566 media exposure.

Stage 3

After Vatti’s answering up the teasers, Fotile pulished a series of press releases, and held its New Product Launch on June 7 as scheduled. Vatti focused on the high-profile National College Entrance Examination instead. On June 7, Vatti published “A Letter Home” on People’s Daily, and seized the opportunity to release its brand-new slogan-“SmartMore Love for Home”.

When the rival launched its new product, Vatti chose to stay away from the hustle and bustle, and cared for the students who were striving for the National College Entrance Examination and were worth the most concern. Vatti launched the H5 themed with “For your families, you’re always the best”. With humanistic feelings instead of indifferent business promotion, Vatti conveyed the idea of “Family will shelter you”, and gained up to 5,648,213 media exposure.

Teasers Being Perilous, Be Discreet When You Deliver

It is reported that this case has been referred to for teaching purpose in Jinan University, Huaqiao University, Hainan University, Guangdong Peizheng College, etc.

Throughout the “Answer up Teasers” event, the core principle is: Don't play tricks and show off towards customers. If the advertiser has no sight and courage, the strategy of “Answer up Teasers” is bound to fail. The marketing strategy doesn't count much. What matters most is that the brand value and idea can be recognized by customers. 

We hereby would thank the trust and recognition from Vatti. As a planner and executer, Insight Group has been devoted to seizing every opportunity for clients with top creative strategy, deep customer insight, precise competitive insight and efficient teamwork, and helping clients build leading brand with competitive edge.