X-GAME:Vie for the Throne II

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From June to October in 2014, X-GAME, Tencent’s first Kingdoms Wars themed online game, kindled the enthusiasm of all players with frequent updates and grand events, which succeeded in creating a “warfare feast”-Vie for the Throne. Carrying on the nationwide carnival in the first season, Vie for the Throne II was fully upgraded to keep the players in higher spirit.


Industry:Online game



Slogan:Cheers! For Return Engagement

A plot with a sense of identification, a free choice of various characters, an amazing combat setting, a diverse and interesting quest system, real experience of Kingdoms Wars, and a journey to be the King of land among the heroes of warcraft are all integrated into the game. Based on the Three Kingdoms period with many heroic legends of China, X-GAME is combined with modern Chinese elements to present an exclusive state of fulfilling the destiny to be a guardian in the turbulent times. Vie for the Throne is tailored for gamers by the X-GAME studio. It releases the annual expansion pack regularly, and launches a one-month annual carnival starting from early June every year.

How to carry on the nationwide carnival and establish new rules through a different type of gameplay so as to bring new hope to ordinary players and enthusiasts of Kingdoms Wars?

The annual expansion pack in Vie for the Throne II is “A New Dynasty” which makes the most ordinary players summon up brothers and stage an uprising. There are more intense conflicts in the new gameplay and chances for everyone to take the throne. The new players can give it a try, while the experienced players who were frustrated before can have a chance to return to the battlefield of Kingdoms Wars and rise to the peak again.


Based on the pan entertainment and Internet+, X-GAME collaborated with Harbin Beer, which is a national brand owned by Anheuser–Busch InBev, to make joint effort and establish cross-industry cooperation of “Kingdoms Wars+Beer”. With complementary resources, X-GAME and Harbin Beer created a feast of Vie for the Throne II. Those who bolster departure with wine and have heroic spirit are brothers. To prove a powerful self with righteous ardor and passion in the thrilling fights:


Cheers! For Return Engagement

Warm-up print ads: Dong Zhuo, Lü Bu, Diaochan; rookie soldiers, eighteen-star Ares; Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu; Zhu Rong and Sun Shangxiang. Cheers!-Let’s set aside the feuds and grudges at the moment. Whoever you are, quaff in one gulp and cheer for another round!

Print ads for product launch: “Cheers! For Return Engagement” was embodied in “Happy Together, Fight Together”.

H5 for product launchHighlight the beer festival of X-GAME, and stress that we won't be happy without you.

There was, at the event, the carnival for brothers, magnificent martial music, drinking games, etc. In this Kingdoms Wars themed party, X-GAME and Harbin Beer both unexpectedly gained high media exposure with low cost, with the number of fighters being 1.233 million and video playbacks being 234 thousand. The campaign reached the peak of nearly 16,000 points on Baidu Index. Public attention was increased by 128% after the marketing campaign. On Microblog, this topic was viewed 14.565 million times, ranking the sixth on the list within an hour.

The successful cooperation with Harbin Beer set an important precedent for cross-industry cooperation of X-GAME, a mature massively multiplayer online game. It not only made Harbin Beer gain high media exposure, but enabled X-GAME to strengthen the brand spirit of “Brothers” and its position of first Kingdoms Wars. X-GAME then took a further step in the popularization of online games.