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Midea Smart Refrigerator held a live new product launch, and released “i+ smart management system” to build “Healthy, Smart Kitchen Helper” and inspire all people to have an upgraded smart refrigerator


Industry:Midea Smart Refrigerator



Customer Insight:Customers pursue not only fresh food but also healthy and nutritious food.

Slogan:Smart Easily Accessible, Best Taste under Con

According to the statistics from AVC, the offline retail sales volume of smart refrigerator has largely increased in 2015, with market penetration rate being 3.5%. From the perspective of product life circle, the smart refrigerator has gone through the introduction period and entered its growing period. Along with the increasing popularity of the smart refrigerator, each brand has developed its own product with different intelligent functions based on its product features. However, the homogeneity of products has become more and more serious.


In this context, how can Midea Smart Refrigerator refresh the customer perception and make a breakthrough in the homogenization of competition to attract customers to buy?


People are much busier in modern society. Frequently, the food in the refrigerator cannot be disposed properly, which does harm to human body and also causes waste. What customers need is to have not only enough fresh food to eat but also healthy and nutritious food. They hope to lead a smart life with little cost. Insight Group generalized the engagement idea of Midea Smart Refrigerator:


Smart Easily Accessible, Best Taste under Control


It conveyed that the Media smart refrigerator can not only be upgraded for free, but also make customers enjoy the fresh food at the opportune moment. Through four dimensions, “Appetizing Fresh Food” brought the customers unique brand experience in the grand marketing communication.