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There are over 100 million registered players in Glory of King, with daily active users exceeding 30 million. “Team to be King” has become a means of entertainment everywhere. The lack of brand awareness and user perception remains to be addressed. To refresh the brand idea of “Team Anywhere, Play Together” with uniqueness and authenticity is the biggest challenge of this creation.


Industry:Online game



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In this context, we decided to present the brand idea of “Team Anywhere, Play Together” with a plot twist. The grotesque plot in daily life was radically changed to a surprising happy ending in the Micro films, which revealed the theme of “Team Anywhere, Play Together”. The thrilling videos further impressed the brand on the audience in a surprising way, and gave more interpretations of the brand image. The videos were released at “Glory of King Summer Festival” on July 23. By the end of August 1st, the playback amount of brand TVC reached 35 million on Tencent Video alone.