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Serving as an indicator of the trend in communication industry, MWC (Mobile World Congress in Barcelona) is an arena for annual product launch of global manufacturers, and definitely a grand event for Huawei.


Industry:Digital product



Customer Insight:In the era of broadband mobile Internet, the new business users need a more flexible, brand-new portable device, which can handle fragmented business at any time and any situation, and can perfectly integrate personal needs with work demands.

Slogan:The new style of business

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As always, Samsung, Xiaomi and other enterprises regularly announced their newly designed flagship smartphones at MWC, and launched extensive promotion campaigns. Besides, emerging technologies like smart home and robots were presented at MWC, attracting media and customers’ attention. Hence, Huawei Terminal decided to enter PC market, and gathered momentum to eventually release MateBook, which is a 2-in-1 detachable tablet with Windows OS.

PC market has been declining for years and in fierce Red Ocean competition. It also received much less attention from the public. With a lot of technological breakthroughs before, how can Huawei call back customers’ attention with the power of innovation?

Scenes stimulate desires. In the “seconds economy” driven by broadband mobile Internet, new business users need to work at any time and any situation. A highly flexible, portable and detachable device is needed at work, which forms the new style of business. The detachable Huawei MateBook is adaptable to any situation, and can achieve a perfect integration of work and life with ease and efficiency.

The product video unveils the remarkable design and exquisite craftsmanship of MateBook.

Before the guest's speech,writting his name with Matepen fluently.

The open display area of MateBook teemed with visitors from various countries lining up to have a try. “Too stunning to be versatile, too mature to be new.” As the first flagship product of Huawei Terminal in PC market, MateBook achieved a grand debut at 2016 MWC before released globally.