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Neo Online is an Internet finance platform owned by Neo Capital Group. Since its establishment in June 2013, Neo Online has been devoted to providing secure and professional financial information service for people who are in urgent need of investment channels and borrowing money.

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Slogan:My Way Home

As the exposure of runaways and collapse, P2P industry, driven by high interest rate and high profit, was under tough supervision after its barbaric growth. At the end of 2015, CBRC took the lead in formulating “Interim Measures for Regulation of Financial Intermediaries Providing Internet Lending Information”, which requires that P2P platforms are not allowed to make promotion and offline business promotion.

The service that P2P provides is virtual, so it is lack of physical connection with the public managing personal money matters. Online marketing alone cannot satisfy the emotional needs of these people, and is hard to form a firm link between P2P companies and the group. The Spring Festival of 2016 is approaching, how can Neo Online distinguish itself, and find an effective channel to attract the target group and create an emotional link in this dramatically changing communication environment?

According to a survey, males are the main group using P2P, with a proportion of 59.5%. Up to 62.5% of them have no children. They use social networking apps more often in daily life, with WeChat being the most frequent. The average time on WeChat exceeds 2 hours. For many years away from home, they have been striving and struggling for dreams. When the Spring Festival is coming, they come back home mainly by plane. According to Neo’s original intention, Insight Group generalized the engagement idea:

My Way Home

Centering on airports, we started the campaign based on the eagerness to get home for the Chinese New Year.

Stage 1 

At the beginning of the Spring Festival travel season (January 15 - January 31), “My Way Home themed KV” was released on the boarding pass of Shenzhen Airport and the light box in the subway station in order to attract public attention.

“My Way Home” H5 was also launched to strike a chord with the audience and express that no matter how great you are in the outside world, you are always the dearest baby of parents at home.

Stage 2

During the peak period (February 1 - February 7), H5 of Niubility (NB) bible was released: Neo teaches you how to handle embarrassing situations to save the day and have a pleasant Spring Festival.

Stage 3

The peak period of people’s going back (February 11 – February 17): Bring back the festival atmosphere-That of my home is the greatest.

The corresponding theme H5 was made for each of the three stages. Anyone who followed the Neo Online official WeChat on the spot and reposted the activity could participate in the lottery. Besides, in the third stage of cross-industry cooperation with Dianping, Neo Online gave away reunion coupons. The day this campaign was released, the page view peaked and was over 190 times the number of the average page view of concurrent notifications.

Creative communication channel with strong directionality and vitality gained momentum for Neo Online’s overall trading volume exceeding 20 billion yuan. It also enabled Neo Online to stand out from exaggerating or rigid characters of competitors, and become a warm P2P brand.