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After the successful COOL GUY Contest & Mr. Mcdreamy Festival during the cross-industry cooperation with COOL GUY, GymMax, a new and professional brand of sports nutrition supplements owned by By-Health, had its first Singles’ Day shopping spree.


Industry:Health product



Slogan:Muscle Show to Settle Your Bill

GymMax aims at providing nutrition for the sport enthusiasts to satisfy their needs such as building muscle, reducing fat, and replenish energy in a high-quality, secure and efficient way. At the meantime, it devotes to raising public concern about health and stimulating their enthusiasm towards exercise with more interesting and diverse activities.

In the “Singles’ Day Promotion War” with strong rivals and unexpected campaigns, how could GymMax, with less than three months after its release, enhance the public attention in a really cool way, and attract customers to its Tmall?

To build strong and wonderful muscle and a healthy body is the pursuit of many men. The training is hard. Strong muscle comes from constant effort and symbolizes courage, will and honor. The traditional strategy such as discounts and gifts cannot stimulate the interest of the bodybuilders. According to the “muscle show” wish of the target group, we can declare that there is now a much easier and more open way of getting back all effort invested to build a strong body. That is:

Muscle Show to Settle Your Bill

GymMax then initiated its “Singles’ Day” benefits including: “GymMax Sexy girls give away red pockets according to the size of muscle on spot” in thousands of gyms; “Give away cash for muscle show” in 20 cities throughout the country; “Muscle Show to Settle Your Bill” on Tmall, Microblog and WeChat. These activities became more and more eye-catching.

Overture: Measuring muscle in gyms. GymMax girls went into the gyms to get bodybuilders involved in the activity, and gave away red pockets on spot according to the size of their muscle and visual feelings. The crowd cheered incessantly at the event. The activity gained high media exposure on major websites and successfully created a hot topic.

Prelude: Comparing muscles on the plaza. There was the ten-yuan red pocket for showing arms muscle, fifty-yuan red pocket for showing abdominal muscle, 150-yuan red pocket for showing gluteus, etc. GymMax held this “Muscle Show” at Guangzhou Dynasty Square. With strong enthusiasm of the public, 700 red pockets prepared were all given away.

Climax: Showing muscle online. People who uploaded the photos of muscle on WeChat and Microblog could have the chance to settle the bill with the 1111-yuan red pocket provided by GymMax Tmall flagship store.

The topic on Microblog was viewed more than 31 million times, with over 30 thousand comments. The news website and offline media lined up to give special coverage to the brand in full-page print. Within two hours after the start of “Singles’ Day Promotion”, the sales volume exceeded 2 million yuan, which was far beyond the intended target. On that day, the sales volumes of whey protein solid beverage and weightplus ranked the second and third respectively in the whey protein products. GymMax Tmall flagship store topped the trading index list of professional flagship stores providing sports nutrition supplements.