Glory of King

Brand Integrated Marketing Communication

There are over 100 million registered players in Glory of King. About one in ten people throughout the country is playing the game. Though having a large group of players at the beginning of its booming period, this product is still lack of influence among players. In this context, to explore the uniqueness of the product, to enhance the brand influence, to distinguish itself from rivals, and to be the first MOBA mobile game remain to be urgent issues


Industry:Online game



Slogan:Team Anywhere, Play Together!

<Opening Video of King Champion Cup>


Glory of King is at the beginning of its booming period. From the product commitment of “team anytime and anywhere”, we observed that people enjoy the pleasure of games and social life, but they never truly feel that many people around them are also playing the game. With surprising creation and concurrent promotion within the industry and among the public, we aimed at enhancing brand awareness.

Creative content

Insight Group’s team for Glory of King, with the theme of “Team Anywhere, Play Together”, enabled players to enjoy the pleasure of games and social life to a large extent by virtue of various forms of exposure and interaction.

Step 1: Warm-up period

Teaser ads with five figures viewed from behind on them, and H5 gotten by scanning a two-dimensional code.

BD collaboration between Glory of King and Pizza Hut connected virtual world and real world to bring players surprises and fun of teaming up offline, and attracted customers with H5.

TVC promo with film-like warm-up posters further intensified the suspense, and enabled the audience to be more engaged.

Step 2: Full-blown period

“Team Anywhere, Play Together” refreshed the brand value. An invitation to the Champion Cup enabled the audience to experience the exciting event visually, and aroused attention. Meanwhile, the KV of teams vying for Champion Cup gained momentum for the contest.

KV presenting a battlefield of top teams created tension before the contest.

TVC in the intact version revealed the brand value of “Team Anywhere, Play Together”.

<In the Taxi>

<In the West>

【Communication effect

1. By the end of October 1st, the brand TVC received up to 35 million playbacks; the opening video of “Team Anywhere” gained nearly 10 million media exposure; the playback amount of the recorded video of Champion Cup reached 4.5 million.

2. The Champion Cup themed website page received 86 million hits, and the page with live broadcast was viewed 14 million times.

3. H5 of Champion Cup invitation letters received up to 100 thousand page views within two days after the release.

4. Issued articles about BD cooperation with Pizza Hut were viewed more than 100 thousand times.

5. Glory of King App maintained in the top three in App store.


With a series of campaigns, Glory of King brought diverse experience to the players. Themed with “Team Anywhere, Play Together”, it struck a chord with players with elaborate design. Through cross-industry cooperation, it achieved a mix of game and life, and strengthened the brand awareness and identity. Brand integrated marketing is not fully adopted by the game industry, which can account for part of the success of Glory of King.