Journey in Mobile Version

Integrated Marketing for Product Launch

In March 2016, Tencent Games became the exclusive agent for mobile-based Journey, a classic Kingdoms Wars themed game owned by Giant. Through powerful platforms with resources and value such as WeChat, and Mobile QQ, Journey can make a breakthrough in the mobile Internet era and become more influential.


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Slogan:This is the Journey

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Since the beginning of 2006, Journey, as a founder of Kingdoms Wars, has presented to all players the vast territories of ten states including Wu, Zhao, Qin, Chu, Yan, Tang, Han, Wei, Yue and Song, and a magnificent ancient battlefield with ten years’ effort. It achieved the Kingdoms Wars with massively multiplayer online. The maximum number of concurrent players exceeded 2.1 million, which made it the world’s third online game with over one million concurrent players. After years of dominance of imported games in the high-end market, Journey, as an original domestic game, became the first to come to a head in the Chinese market. It was also remembered by the generation.

The classic gameplay of Journey was embodied in the Journey in Mobile Version to provide players with the most original and thrilling mobile Kingdoms Wars: 

◇A battlefield with massively multiplayer online (role-playing combat without attacking the“hollow man”)

◇Realistic battle zones( divided exactly according to the history )

◇Player-created content (all civil and military officials performing their own duties, and player-generated rules )

◇A ten states’ battlefield ( ten states' territories to gallop across freely and to carry out strategies of keeping friendly relations with distant states and attack those nearby ).

However, Journey in Pocket Version which shared the same back-office system with the client version failed in gaining enough momentum to meet the expectation of the players. Facing the decrease in players’ interest and attention, how can the mobile-based Journey carry on and enhance its IP value in order to rekindle the enthusiasm of the target group?

A decade’s classic, eternal feelings. In the age of fragmented time and quick-fix lifestyle, players nowadays have little time and effort to sit in front of the computers, but they still long for thrilling fights and sincere brothers. Thus, Insight Group generalized the engagement idea of the mobile-based Journey.

This is the Kingdoms Wars

Stage 1

To strike a chord with players with classic feelings. Through a moving monologue from an experienced player, the memories in Journey were evoked to inspire the audience to experience the old days again.

Stage 2

Shape the national spirit and highlight the product features to call upon players to join in the Kingdoms Wars. Provocations in various dialects created a touch-and-go situation of ten states’ wars so as to build up the momentum for the open beta test.

Stage 3

Attract new players with clanship. The declarations of ten states refreshed players’ perception of Kingdoms Wars, and kindled their enthusiasm. 

Scene rendering in the videos presented the uniqueness: Both marathon and stadium are not the proper place. The mobile-based Journey enables players to experience the thrill of Kingdoms Wars right away.

<In the Marathon>

<In the Stadium>

Off-line activities launched simultaneously to create the atmosphere of Kingdoms Wars.

The eye-catching, innovative integrated campaign successfully retained the core and sub-core users, and inspired numerous new players to fight in the brand-new battlefield. It was reported by CCTV News with much emphasis, and was covered voluntarily by various media outlets. The search volume on Baidu Index rose by over 1000%. The mobile APP of Journey ranked the first in Apple Store. The honor of being the first Kingdoms Wars was again defended.